If you are an officer of a club, general and budget allocation information can be found below.  The student club newsletter is created and regularly updated by the Office of Student Activities. In the newsletter, you will find information about events, programming, policies, and updates. You can find it here.

If you're a student looking to join a club, a list of clubs can be found below.

If you have any questions about clubs, please reach out to our Cultural Affairs Commissioner, Asia Akperov, at

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General Info

Club Storage Room

  • TH320 - club storage room available for all clubs.

  • In order to access it, you must go to USG and have either office staff or an E-Board member accompany you to and from the clubroom.

  • You will receive a ticket to identify your belongings (your belongings will have a matching ticket) and you are responsible for keeping it safe.

  • To pick up your belongings, you must go to USG with your ticket and have office staff or an E-Board member accompany you to the club storage room.

Planning and Approving an Event

Please find detailed information on how to plan an event here.


  • Tabling

    • Tables on the third floor of West and North buildings are available for clubs to advertise and promote. Submit your tabling request here.

  • Cork Boards

    • Cork Boards on the third floor of the North Building and the second floor of Thomas Hunter are available for posting flyers. Please use these spaces and refrain from posting on walls.

  • Clubs are no longer required to submit a request to post on Instagram, G-Blast, campus screens, or g-blast.  Our External Affairs Commissioners will post approved content provided the event is approved in a timely manner.  

    • Office of Student Activities Instagram

      • Event must be approved at least three business days.​

    • G-Blast 

      • Event must be approved prior to the submission deadline.​

    • Campus Screens

      • Event must be approved two weeks prior.​

  • Please note that clubs that wish to solicit funds for a non-profit organization during tabling must also complete a Student Event Information Form (SEIF).  Before you complete the SEIF, request and confirm your table, attach the table confirmation to the SEIF.

** Make sure to review these policies and keep a hard copy for all members to follow. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to email our Cultural Affairs Commissioner at

List of Chartered Clubs


  • Nursing Students Press

  • Political Journal of Hunter College

  • Pre-Health Diaries Blog of Hunter College Psychology News

  • Spoon University Hunter College

  • WHCS Radio



  • Accounting Society American Cancer Society*

  • Anime and Manga Appreciation Club formerly Anime Club 

  • Art for Healing Club of Hunter College*

  • Art in Medicine

  • Artemis Hellenic Club

  • Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association of Hunter College

  • Black Student Union

  • Book Club

  • Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB x Hunter)

  • Catholic Student Association*

  • Chess Club

  • Chinese Student & Scholars Association at Hunter

  • Coping Center

  • Coptic Club

  • Crochet and Knitting Club

  • Doctor without Borders, Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres at Hunter 

  • Effective Altruism at Hunter College

  • Epsilon Sigma Phi

  • Esports and Game Design

  • Eta Sigma Phi

  • Greenbelt Society of Hunter College*

  • Hawkappella

  • Health Literacy Initiative 

  • Healthcare Business Club*

  • Hear your Song at Hunter College* 

  • Heart at Hunter College Internationalist Club

  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Intonation

  • Japanese Club of Hunter College 

  • K-Pop

  • Kappa Sigma

  • Knitted Knockers at Hunter College*

  • Korean Student Association*

  • Medical Laboratory Science Club

  • Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) Mission Nutrition

  • Mock Trial Society

  • Mother Nature’s Gift

  • Muslim Students Association

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

  • National Student Nurses’ Association

  • Palestine Solidarity Alliance of Hunter College

  • Pilipinos of Hunter

  • Pre-Dental Society of Hunter College

  • Pre-Health for Human Rights Society at Hunter College* Pre-Health Research Initiative formerly Biology Club 

  • Pre-PA Society of Hunter College

  • Project HOPE Chapter at Hunter

  • Psi Chi

  • Psychology Club

  • Reformed University Fellowship 

  • Rehabilitation Therapy Club  

  • Rescuing Leftover Cuisine at Hunter College 

  • She’s the First

  • Shikari Dance Team*

  • Society of Bioethics and Medicine

  • SOON Movement formerly Korean Campus Crusade for Christ 

  • South Asian Culture Club

  • Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

  • Theatre Company

  • Theta Phi Gamma

  • Ukrainian Club of Hunter College*

  • United for Youth of Hunter College

  • Uzbek Hawks of Hunter College*

  • Vietnamese Student Association

  • Women in Computer Science of Hunter College 

  • Youth Democratic Socialist of Hunter

  • Zeta Phi Alpha

++ more clubs found on this page: 

How To Contact Clubs

Updated socials/emails of all chartered clubs can be found on this page. Please scroll through and then reach out to your desired clubs! Reach out on different media platforms as some clubs are more active on social media than emails.

Club Information Page: 

Budget Allocations for Fall 2022

Updated information coming soon! 

Email the Finance Commissioner at for questions about club budgets.