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Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

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About Us

Hunter VSA is a cultural and social club that focuses on sharing Vietnamese culture while making Hunter a comfortable space for everyone. This club is welcome to everyone; you do not have to be Vietnamese to join! We host monthly events where we incorporate some type of culture whether it is teaching our attendees vocabulary words or celebrating a tradition together. From important Vietnamese holidays, such as the Lunar New Year, to distressing events during midterms, we try to host events that ensure everyone is having fun while learning about Vietnamese culture. We work with sponsors and support philanthropic causes behind some of our events. We also have our big/little program and intern program for those who wish to get more involved with VSA. HVSA is a fun community where you can be yourself around, make friends, and learn about Vietnam and its wonderful culture.

Social Media Accounts

instagram: _.nann._ facebook: Hunter VSA, discord:

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