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Zara Amer

Sophomore Senator

Zara Amer is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science in the Daedalus Scholars Program. Most of her time is consumed by trying to find the missing semicolon in her code, but when she's not coding, she's either scrolling on LinkedIn or looking for an internship. Just kidding, you can always find her at events hosted by the Pakistani Student Organization (PSO), Palestinian Student Association (PSA), Asian Student Union (ASU), or our very own USG events.

As a Sophomore Senator on the Evening and Cultural Affairs Committees, her goal is to make every student's four years at Hunter as fun as possible. Additionally, as a huge fan of the cultural clubs on campus, Zara's goal is to ensure all of them are active year-round so that every student of every background can feel included in the Hunter Hawk spirit.

Zara Amer
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