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Bashir Juwara


Bashir Juwara is a Hunter College senior, majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Relations. He is an oral history scholar for the Voices from the Heart of Gotham, Mellon Public Humanities and Social Justice scholar. As the USG President, Bashir looks forward to amplifying student voices by advocating for the needs of the students. He wants to expand campus engagements, resources and opportunities for the students. He wants Hunter to truly embrace its diversity and multiculturalism by promoting collaboration and partnership between the student clubs and organizations. Bashir is a firm believer that there is more to college than just academics. Outside of school, he loves to play and watch sports, particularly soccer. He wants to create a culture where Hunter students will rally behind their sport teams, showing their hawks pride.

Bashir is a people's person, don’t be shy to approach him with any questions or concerns.


Bashir Juwara
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