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The Student Resource Center is in tasked with maintaining and monitoring the computer lab and game room. It is also in charge of reserving rooms, such as TH 105, TH 113, 7th floor lounge in West Building, and the Interfaith room for clubs, their events and meetings. It also assists students with general inquiries about SRC and USG and can guide students of Hunter as to where to go to get official and academic business done.

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Mahdi Rahman is a senior film major at Hunter College. He served under USG as Finance Commissioner. He has worked with students and clubs at Hunter College and hopes to work to his best capabilities as Student Resource Manager.

Mahdi Rahman

SRC Manager

My name is Casthley and I’m a Human Biology student here at Hunter while also being the supervisor of the Student Resource Center. I’ve been working here for a while (maybe even too long to be honest ) but that good news for y’all since that means that there’s no issue pertaining to the lab that I have not seen. That means that I can pretty much solve any issue in regards to the lab - just ask. I’ll be located mostly in the SRC or in the Game Room or at USG. Furthermore, clubs can come to either me or Mahdi to book one of our many locations.

 Casthley Olivier

Office Supervisor

Maleeha Lodhi

Maleeha Lodhi is a Hunter College student majoring in psychology, aiming to become a Childhood educator. She has worked as an Administrative assistant, having experience in a multicultural workplace as well as inclusive, multi-age groupings. Her aim is to make sure that all students have a great college experience and to help students understand the many things Hunter College has to offer. 

Gameroom Assistant

Alana Polanco is a Student Resource Assistant. She is a current senior pursuing a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and Sociology. During her employment of three years, she’s held all three roles at the Student Resource Center. Given this experience, she can help to assist and support students in any situation. Alana can support students in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. 

Alana Polanco

Gameroom Assistant

My name is Patrick Diaz. I am a senior studying media and film production. I have a passion for multiple visual mediums including film, illustration, video editing, and photography. I am an active member of the fighting game community in NYC, and I often make videos and take photos at local tournaments. Currently I am working on multiple film and photography projects with the hopes of strengthening my portfolio. One day I hope to work in the film industry

Patrick Diaz

Computer Lab Assistant

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