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Laiba Afzal

Senior Senator

Laiba Afzal is a senior majoring in Human Biology and Psychology on the Pre-med Track. As Senior Senator, she hopes to work closely with the student body and take their opinions into account to help fix issues they care about. She hopes to create more extracurricular activities that bridge the gap between student leaders and the student body, as well as structure a student run course rating system that informs more on courses taken by other students so students could accurately assess different classes.

Aqsa Ghaffar

Senior Senator

As a student at Hunter College for the past three years, I am extremely excited to represent our student body as a member of the Senate. I will ensure that we have a voice, one that is heard, and one that speaks for all students regardless of age, academic pursuits, lifestyles or backgrounds. I will prioritize student life and work towards bettering the sense of community at Hunter College. I promise to hold this position with integrity and transparency while making attainable changes that produce significant results.



Muhammad Afaq

Senior Senator

Hey, My name is Muhammad Afaq and I’m an upcoming senior at Hunter College. I’m a pre-med majoring in Human Biology. I hold the position of Senior Senator and hope to work with my peers to make Hunter a more inclusive and enjoyable college experience for all. Some of my hobbies include working out, hanging out with my friends and traveling. My favorite place in Hunter would be be the sixth floor library, it’s great for socializing and you can almost always find me there if I’m not in class or out getting food. Hope to see you around !

Angela Bathija

Junior Senator

Angela Bathija is currently a Junior majoring in Human Biology. She is on the Pre-Dental track and plans to attend Dental School after Hunter. She is excited to collaborate with students to coordinate events to enhance students communication opportunities. Angela will suggest, develop, and implement solutions to problems related to campus life. Her goal is contribute her knowledge and resources to serve the student body as a liaison to create a close knit community on campus and beyond.

Sumona Rahman

Junior Senator

Hello everyone! My name is Sumona Rahman and I am a Junior Senator in the Undergraduate Student Government. I am majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Sociology with plans to go into the health field. As a newly elected USG member, I plan to serve the Hunter community to the best of my ability and work with students to address their interests and concerns, to make their school year more memorable and impactful. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or talk about any concerns you may have. I hope to see you all throughout this school year!



Daniella Babaee

Junior Senator

Hi! I am currently a senior and will be graduating in the Spring (time flew). I double major in Media Studies and English, with a minor in Legal Studies. I am also a Roosevelt Scholar and a member of the Pre-Law Program. My experience includes planning and running events, marketing and producing creative content. Outside of school and interning, I enjoy reading, writing and watching Netflix (don’t we all). I am super excited to bring fun and important initiatives to the student body and make their Hunter experience one they will cherish.

Raisa Karim

Sophomore Senator

Raisa Karim is a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Thomas Hunter Honors. She became involved with student government in her freshman year as a USG ambassador and then served as a freshman senator during her sophomore year. Her interest in student government stemmed from a desire to have a rewarding college experience. By actively listening to students and working with them to address their concerns, she hopes to promote civic literacy, awareness and engagement among the undergraduate population. Please feel free to reach out to her throughout the year!

Kiran Javaid

Sophomore Senator

Hi! My name is Kiran Javaid and I am a Human Biology Major and a Human Rights Minor on the pre-med track. I have been involved in Student Government since high school and I am a strong believer in that if there is something you do not like, it is your responsibility to go out and change it. I hope to be the voice of my class and please never hesitate to reach out to me with any ideas or concerns! I look forward to working with you all!

Lisha Rajput

Sophomore Senator


Lisha Rajput is a Junior double majoring in Political Science and Economics. Lisha intends to pursue a career in the legal sector, for which she has partaken in various legal internships and programs. Simultaneously, Lisha has a love for youth empowerment and education access — she focuses her interests and efforts towards facilitating and running a non-profit that bridges various gaps for first-generation, low-income, middle-school students. Blurring her assets, Lisha intends to employ her platform to cultivate an environment of comfort and inclusion. This means fostering event that cater to students’ interests, career and academic growth, and outlets of self-expression.


Zobaida Maria

Freshman Senator

Zobaida Maria is currently a Sophomore hoping to double major in Psychology and Special Education, much of which was motivated by her experience in Project Happy, Hunter’s activity program for Youth with disabilities. Working as a Disabilities Counselor enabled her with the unique position to understand the various concerns of those she works with, while also being objective to the matters at hand. It is her conviction in mental health awareness and a more accessible campus that motivated her to pursue the Freshman Senator position.

Nimra Aziz

Sophomore Senator

I'm on the pre-med track and double majoring in human bio and economics. I want to give Hunter students an opportunity to develop ideas by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects with USG. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, I want to let everyone know about Hunter’s clubs and gather students to promote change that will involve all Hunter kids in knowing about the clubs offered and how to become more involved as everyone should be able to have a voice. I want to make sure every Hunter student has a positive experience in college and that their needs are addressed. I believe USG should promote student services, such as the Office of Accessibility, which satisfy students needs.

Olenka Ballena

Freshman Senator

Olenka Ballena is a sophomore majoring in Political Science on a Pre-Law track. Being a member of Circle K has allowed her to develop her passion for community service and leadership. As freshman senator, she hopes to further enrich the opportunities offered to our student community, continuing to foster a diverse and engaging school environment. As students in a large school, she knows it’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. However, her goal is to create a more integrated and unified student community, while taking advantage of all the resources a large school has to offer.


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