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Kamalpreet Kaur 


Kamalpreet Kaur is currently a senior, majoring in Community Health. As President, her goal is to improve student communication with USG and administration to better serve the Hunter community. Previously as Cultural Affairs Commissioner, she strengthened the relationship between club leaders and USG through club walkthroughs, monthly newsletters and advocated for their concerns and wellbeing to the rest of USG. This year she plans to continue listening to student insights and needs as well as continuing and expanding student-friendly initiatives such as events, town halls, student democracy project, and the purple PEERiod Project. 

Gillian Blanco

Vice President

Gillian Blanco is a current senior majoring in Human Biology, aspiring to become a Physician Assistant. This is her third year in USG, in the past she has served as Sophomore Senator and Head of the USG Ambassador Program. She looks forward to work diligently to represent the voice of the undergraduate student body. Specifically, Gillian hopes to increase awareness of the wide array of resources USG provides to students.

Elise Wang

Finance Commissioner

Elise Wang is a junior majoring in Biology Neuroscience and minoring in Public Policy. Last year, she served as a Sophomore Senator and a co-leader for both the Students Stand up Campaign against Sexual Assault and the Mental Health Awareness Initiative. Elise plans to continue to advocate on behalf of Hunter students, and work with faculty, administration, and students organizations to improve the Hunter College experience.

Julia Hidalgo

Cultural Affairs Commissioner

Julia Hidalgo is a senior majoring in Human Biology with the goal of becoming a Physician Assistant. While she is not studying for her classes, Julia can be found attending Hunter College events to better familiarize herself with her colleagues. During her past four years at Hunter, she has gotten a better understanding of her fellow colleagues priorities and interests. As the Cultural Affairs Commissioner, she will implement and voice the concerns of the clubs and students to the best of her abilities. Julia will fight for the Hunter community and strive to make everyone’s journey, a journey to remember.

Hardik Bhaskar

Student Welfare Commissioner

Hardik Bhaskar is a Junior, majoring in Biochemistry and Studio Art; planning going to Medical School. Hardik is also part of the Men's Track and Field Team at Hunter. Through out his career at Hunter College, Hardik has taken part in many volunteering opportunities offered and is an active member in many clubs around campus. As the Student Welfare Commissioner, Hardik plans to work towards greater awareness toward Sexual Assault, the LGBTQ Community, Mental Health, and overall Wellness of the student body. His vision is to embrace a closer knit and welcoming community in Hunter College. Always feel free to stop by the Hunter USG office to meet and speak with Hardik about anything you may need to succeed at Hunter College.

Gaelle Chawki

 Evening Affairs Commissioner

Gaelle Chawki is a Senior majoring in Human Biology. As an Ambassador, she was able to learn the ins and outs of USG's events and how USG handles its events. She was able to see the impact that USG has on the Hunter community. She is very excited to take on a greater role as the Evening Affairs Commissioner. She is very dedicated to the students of Hunter and is eager to encourage the student body to participate in the fun giveaways and nighttime events that Hunter has to offer. Her goal is to make students feel that they truly are a part of this school and that they are enjoying their time at Hunter by providing them with the greatest experiences possible.




Sabina Kubayeva

Residence Life Commissioner

Sabina Kubayeva is a rising sophomore in the Macaulay Honors program majoring in Behavioral Neurobiology and minoring in Classical Studies on a pre-med track. She aspires to obtain her MD/PhD and become a medical examiner because of her interest in forensics. Outside of Hunter, Sabina does research at SUNY Downstate about a memory molecule and its association with Alzheimer’s Disease. Sabina was first a USG Ambassador in her freshmen year and decided to continue her involvement as Residence Life Commissioner, in which she hopes to create a better sense of community at Hunter’s dorms by planning fun and accessible events.


Raisa Karim

Senate Chair

Raisa Karim is a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Thomas Hunter Honors. She became involved with student government in her freshman year as a USG ambassador and then served as a freshman senator during her sophomore year. Her interest in student government stemmed from a desire to have a rewarding college experience. By actively listening to students and working with them to address their concerns, she hopes to promote civic literacy, awareness and engagement among the undergraduate population. Please feel free to reach out to her throughout the year!

Kayla Benjamin

External Affairs Commissioner

Kayla Benjamin is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and planning to minor in Japanese Language. As an Ambassador, she was able to learn a lot about what USG does for the student population. She also currently works as a Student Admissions Leader for the Office of Admissions, where she aspires to make Hunter a reachable place to incoming students. She hopes to become the face that anyone can call out to in the hallways, and someone her fellow students can reach out to to have meaningful conversations with, or discuss their concerns. Since socialization is a big part of her goals, never feel afraid to send her a message!

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