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Rodela Ahmed

Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation

My name is Rodela Ahmed and I am a junior at Hunter. I am majoring in biology. I am excited to be part of Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation (AEC) as part of USG! As a former Ambassador, I have gained experience working alongside the Evening Affairs Committee to help plan for school events. As an AEC member, I hope to work on making decisions for allocating revenues for auxiliary enterprises and promise to get things done on time by helping to review and approve contracts and help allocate funds.

Zara Nadeem

Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation

Zara Nadeem is a freshman Yalow Honors Scholar majoring in biology and minoring in political science on the pre-med track. She hopes to go to medical school and aspires to be a cardiologist or oncologist. During high school, she conducted breast cancer treatment research at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and now volunteers in the Weill Cornell Heart-2Heart program and at Mount Sinai Brooklyn Hospital, along with conducting clinical research in the cardiology division at NYU Langone. She is also the ambassador for the MAPs pre-med club at Hunter. As a USG AEC member, she hopes to help make Hunter a more inclusive and close community and help with the successful execution of events so the Hunter student body would have an enjoyable and memorable experience to not only have fun but meet new people. She enjoys working with others, taking on leadership roles, and loves to give advice on research, volunteering, and classwork and is excited to be a part of the USG community to help spread inclusiveness and diversity

Priyal Thakkar

Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation

Priyal Thakkar is a sophomore in the pursuing a double major in biology and music. In her free time, she enjoys reading, binge watching tv shows and listening to music. In addition to these interests, she is passionate about providing her fellow students the ability to have an impactful, productive and engaging college experience. As a member of Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, she is excited to work towards this in a cost-effective manner. She hopes to provide her fellow students with the resources to problem solve and achieve their short and long-term goals.

Salwa Najmi

Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

Salwa Najmi is a sophomore interested in majoring in biochemistry and minoring in public policy. She is passionate about improving the experiences of students at Hunter College and has previously served as a USG ambassador, assisting in the coordination of events and club-walkthroughs on campus as part of the Cultural Affairs committee. She hopes to facilitate a more fun and fair academic and social environment as part of the Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee.

Claude Guillaume

Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

Claude Guillaume is currently a junior at Hunter College and is a member of the Yalow Scholars Program. He is majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience. During his time at Hunter College, Claude has been volunteering for the CARE program at the Mount Sinai Hospital, working as a visitors center associate for Hunter, as well as participating in various clubs. He is pursuing a medical degree and aspires to be an anesthesiologist. As a member of USG, he looks forward to engaging with more students and improving communication between faculty and students.

Juliana Poroye

Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

Juliana Poroye is a senior double majoring in philosophy and political science. She is an Athena Scholar with aspirations of going to law school. Poroye co-founded Hunter’s Slam Club, is an upperclasswoman student mentor in the ‘Let’s Get Ready Success Program’, and is passionate about education equity.




Aleena Khan

Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

Aleena is a senior on the pre-med track. She is majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Economics. As a part of FSDC, she wants to make sure that the student body’s course-related issues are addressed accordingly. Aleena aims to connect the student body together, and have them more connected on campus. She believes that a positive learning environment is essential in each student’s academic success. As a part of FSDC, she wishes to improve every student’s college experience by making sure their class-related needs are properly addressed.


Orchida Harizaj

Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

Orchida Harizaj is a junior double majoring in Media with a Concentration in Journalism and English Literature. An avid traveler and book enthusiast, Orchida hopes to one day write about her journeys and experiences to share, both, the beauties and the hardships of the world. She has always strived to help out in her community and offer her support to the people around her and as a USG member Orchida will do just that.

Annie Lin

Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee

As part of the Faculty-Student Discipline Committee, Annie Lin is a Biology major striving to strengthen the Hunter community by forming connections between students. It is stressful to be college students where everyone is so focused on their own coursework that it seems like there’s no time to make a friend. Not only does Annie want students acknowledge that friendships will help them get through their duration of the stressful college period, but they will also have earned a friend for a life-time. With that said, the community does not stop at Hunter, it follows with you wherever you go!


Tasmia Promi

College Association

Tasmia is majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Classical Studies. When she isn’t studying, Tasmia loves to play soccer, watch Netflix, and is constantly making jokes. As a part of the Hunter community, she believes that students should have the opportunity to utilize their resources to optimize their undergraduate experience. Thus, as a College Association member, she’ll make sure student activity fees goes into this cause and any other causes that are meaningful to the Hunter community. She’ll make sure student activity fees are used efficiently so that every organization and program have the opportunity to voice their mission well.


Sobia Shahabuddin

College Association


Laila Abouhasswa

College Association

Laila is a junior majoring in Human Biology and minoring in classics. She is a Yalow Scholar and Thomas Hunter Scholar and would like to become an optometrist. Laila is Vice President of the club UNICEF and has had several leadership roles in the past which have helped strengthen her communication skills. As a member of USG, she would like to become a liaison between the students and the student government in order to make Hunter less of a commuter school and more of an enjoyable college experience for her fellow peers.


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