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college association website

Direct all inquiries about club budget to the CA Office email:

budget request


Submit for CA approval prior to usage.

  1. Download the Budget Request Form from the Hunter College CA Website. Also available here. 

  2. Do not send your budget until your club becomes eligible. USG will vote to approve your allocation first.

  3. Open the form using Microsoft Office Word for the best results.

  4. You MUST use the Budget Request form as is.

  5. Organization President’s original signature is required on the page (1).

  6. Read the itemized budget carefully and add your projected expenses to the correct line and section.

  7. If you are unclear as to where a specific expense should go, please contact the CA Office.

  8. Under each category, list an itemization of expenditures as to event, date, contractor, etc. Wherever applicable.

  9. At the beginning (3rd box) of the Contractual Services category, list the combined contractual cost for all events. Indicate type of event and anticipated month of event. See example below:


    • List combined contractual cost for all events: (indicate type of event and anticipated month of event) This section only covers Refreshments for Events and Hunter College Service Fees. Example:

      • Thanksgiving Potluck (November 30th 2021) $50

      • Movie Night (December 4th 2021) $30

  10. DO NOT re-arrange the form. DO NOT remove any sections from the form.

  11. If a section does not apply to your needs, just leave it blank.

  12. Fill out the consolidated funds page (last page). If your consolidated funds' page is not filled out, your Budget Request will be deemed incomplete.

  13. You must be fully chartered and receive an allocation from your government before you submit a budget to the CA Office.


  15. Organization President’s original signature is required on the page (1).

check request (reimbursements/advances)

  1. Should be completed by the organization’s president or treasurer

  2. All purchases must be budgeted and approved by the College Association Board before submitting a check request.

  3. You can review your approved budget in the ACCOUNT LIST section. If a change is not reflected on your online budget, please contact Nicole Hector-Hutchinson ( before submitting any check request forms.

  4. Open the check request form here

  5. Fill out the Payee Information (Name of Payee, full address, and Social Security#/Tax ID Number/ Empl ID #)

  6. Payee: person who made the purchase or someone who is hired (aka speakers)

  7. Description of Charges - Include the line number and description of purchase. (Ex.: Line 1: Refreshments for Open House), and the date of the purchase.

    1. You can find the line number and description at the budget in the account list

  8. Backup Documents - Original receipt + bank statement showing the purchase +W9 + event flyer (File name must include name of store and receipt number)

  9. The President and Treasurer must sign and submit the form.

college association minutes

Make sure to check the minutes to confirm whether your club budget has been approved.

College association handbook

If you have any other questions, or things you do not understand, please read through the CA Handbook first. All answers can be found in there :)